In the final episode of Bombazo for 2019 we look back on the historic 2010-11 LaLiga season, a time when Mourinho's Real Madrid and Guardiola's Barcelona were at their peak, Unai Emery's Valencia and a resurgent Atlético Madrid were raising the standards behind them, and most importantly as far as we are concerned, two Swedes played in the same LaLiga squad for the only time in history. 

Kennedy Bakircioglu came to Racing Santander an unknown quantity for supporters but would ultimately become a hero thanks to goals and assists that helped the team from northern Spain stay up by a comfortable margin.

Markus Rosenberg meanwhile came with bigger expectations, but in hindsight, his respectable goals tally in arguably the toughest Spanish league of all time looks far better than it was recognised for.

We detail how both of the attackers ended up in Spain, and how they both had to fight for years to get the money they were owed. Plus we detail the sad demise of Racing since, the fairytale ending the two Swedes' recently had to their careers, and treat you to a bit of Scandi LaLiga trivia. 

You can follow the pod here where we will post some links to Kennedy and Rosenberg's LaLiga best bits, plus Lee and Alex at their personal accounts. Like every week we encourage you to leave a rating, review or comment at the provider of your choice. It's simple: do that small favour for us, we'll keep putting these out.

Last but not least, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. We will be back in 2020!

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